Insulating Services


Dear Mike,
It is with great pride, to take this chance to write you about the performance of your company as a sub-contractor for JBEK on our DuPont, Old Hickory, TN site.

Ater three full months and 75% of your original contract completed, your compnay has had no safety problems or incidents. The quality of your work started with high standards and has remained that way throughout.

Productivity under crowded conditions has been good. Your men have worked well with the other contractors on site. This quality has gone a long way to maintain the excellent safety record your company has achieved.

I look forward to the successful completion of this project and others in the future should that opportunity arise.

Jack Strothers
Construction Site Administrator



Insulating Services, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring a safe workplace. We earnestly believe that we show respect for basic human dignity by providing a safe work environment, and that the additional benefit derived is a more productive workplace.

Over an 11 year period, Insulating Services has worked over 5.3 Million hours with only one lost time accident.

To accomplish this goal, we employ a full-time Safety Director with over 30 years experience in the construction industry who is a certified OSHA Outreach Trainer, authorized to teach the OSHA 10- and 30-Hour programs, responsible for ensuring that the materials we use are safe and used properly, and providing safety training and equipment to our employees.

The Safety Director is tasked to manage our Safety Program. This program consists of the following series of modules which have been developed to ensure the safety of our employees and those of our customers or others:

Our current EMR is .77; our current DART is .44; our Total Incident Rate is 1.31, and our LTIR is 0.

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