Insulating Services

Industrial Insulation

Quality performance on industrial projects requires a specialized team. Since 1973, Insulating Services has put together and maintained that team to provide our customers with unparalleled service. We provide the following key elements to ensure that our customerís projects are managed well, the insulation performs as designed, and the project looks good.

Work is accomplished by a large group of permanent employees, trained in the trade by the company, and in working safely.

Quality Supervision
Our project management team has an average experience of 20 years with the company ensuring that our projects are installed as efficiently and with as much attention to detail as possible.

Attention to Safety
We believe that our ethical mandate is to look out for the safety of our employees as well as those of our customers and of the other trades. Insulating Services has invested heavily in a safety program that is actively managed by a full time Safety Director. For additional information, please review our Safety Section.

Fabrication Department
Insulating Services shop fabricates many of the components required for the insulation systems on many of our projects. This effort helps maintain quality and aids in meeting project schedules.

Employee Base
Project Supervisors have an average 10 years of experience and are regularly trained in jobsite safety by a certified instructor.

A core employee base of 200 plus enable us to meet the demands of multiple large scale projects.

Please see representative examples of our work on recent industrial projects. Contact us for a list of previous jobs and contacts for references.

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